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Gore Meadows Park

The power of a thunderclap, the brilliance of a rainbow, the gentle tapping of the rain; we’ve harnessed the power of the elements for Sky Towers, our modern take on a Playworld classic.

Captain Cornelius Park

Explore, Imagine, and Play in a World of Adventure. Discover a Safe and Exciting Haven for Children of All Ages, Where Memories Are Made and Fun Never Ends.

Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm

Discover the Wonder of Nature and the Joy of Play. Experience Fun-Filled Adventures and Create Lasting Memories at Our Park, Where Every Visit is a New Adventure.

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Faith Hale, Executive Director (Ska:Na Family Learning Centre, Windsor)

It is a pleasure to recommend Mark Jones and New World Park Solutions as a service provider to our community members.  Also important is the ability to deliver the product on time and at the agreed-upon price. When working on a strict budget, it is imperative that Ska:na build relationships with trustworthy and dependable vendors and they fit our criteria.

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