Park Shelters

Offering shade to escape the UVs and cool off.

Playgrounds are a big investment, and you deserve the best value for your dollar. Play Shade can block up to 96% of harmful UV rays and make your playground up to 20 degrees cooler year-round, allowing for longer play. Play Shade can also make your playground more inclusive—some children and adults have sun allergies, and others have to avoid intense sunlight due to certain medications that treat epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism.

Overall, Play Shade provides quality products that protect your playground equipment and amenities while improving the guest experience.

Americana is a family-owned company making high-quality recreational amenities for communities across North America. Their products are American-made and engineered to meet the demands of outdoor living. From shelters and seating to sports equipment, Americana offers architects, general contractors and other clients a full range of beautiful and fully customizable furnishings to create a complete outdoor environment that helps communities work, play and live better.

USA Shade structures are designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by experienced teams of shade professionals. Since 1991, they have been pioneers, innovators and a long-standing leader in the fabric shade structure industry of North America.

Shading structure over a playground, made by company USA Shade

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