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Playground Mulch

Top quality, certified playground mulch. Blower truck installation applies even, consistent layers of mulch from up to 300 feet away which saves time and delivers a better finished product while avoiding damage to surrounding areas

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Rubber Surfacing

Beautiful, poured in place rubber surfacing which is resilient, easily maintained and environmentally friendly. A wide range of colours allows you to add an element of graphic fun to the playground by creating inlaid shapes and themed designs.

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Smarte Safety Surfacing

One of the biggest concerns in play space design is safety. Children will fall, scrape a knee, and get a bump or bruise on the playground—it’s inevitable—but the severity of the injury sustained doesn’t have to be. SMARTE safety surfacing is the revolutionary, play-inclusive surface by Playworld that provides greater impact protection in a convenient, sustainable way.


playground surfacing

New World Park Solutions will work with you to design a playground that is accessible to all and this includes the playground surfacing specifications and materials. Consider using a combination of surfacing materials. This can be a cost-effective way to improve accessibility, while still providing a good cushion to reduce injury from falls. A variety of materials also adds interest to the playground.

Accessible Surfacing

Remember that some protective surfacing material can be a barrier for children who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Poured-in-place synthetic surfacing (often made of rubber), engineered wood fibre and rubber fibres improve accessibility. Sand and pea gravel may decrease accessibility because they do not allow a wheelchair to turn easily.


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