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New World Park Solutions can provide: picnic tables, benches, receptacles, cooking grills, bike racks, portable bleachers, player benches, golf racks, child tables and benches, as well as accessible tables, benches, bleachers, and grills.

Sit & Relax

We know that a trip to the playground is much more enjoyable when there is a place to sit and relax. We are pleased to provide a variety of comfortable, durable playground benches, picnic tables and other accessories that perfectly complement our playground and freestanding structures.


Litter Receptacles

When it comes to litter receptacle choices, we offer a large variety. The sizes range from a 10-gallon pole mount receptacle to a 55-gallon free-standing receptacle, and there are various sizes in between. Choose from surface mount or inground.


Stationary Bleachers provide high quality seating for any location that fans gather to view many different kinds of events including schools, athletic complexes, parks, amphitheaters, gyms, rodeo arenas, fairgrounds, and any other places that need seating to cheer on their team.

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