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  • Class 304L stainless steel structures and ground jet bodies.
  • Structure and ground jets nozzles made from brass and stainless steel.
  • Swiveling devices made of one whole stainless steel block. It is practically indestructible.
  • Surface finish in a triple-coated extra-durable polyester powder. Won't flake or peel, won't fade.
  • Polycarbonate translucent Ecolor. Designed for exterior use. Lighter than glass and a thousand times more resilient.
  • Best guarantee in the industry: 30 years

Step'n Play

The patented Step'n Play™ activator is one of Aquajeux's innovations that enhances the design's playfulness and helps reduce water consumption. Installed in-ground, this device is entirely mechanical and reacts to the user's foot pressure. The user can now control a play component from a distance. These devices work without power and open up an infinity of possibilities where learning and user interactions prevail.

ecolor polymer

Ecolor offers durability for the most extreme environments. These panels exhibit the highest performance of any engineered resin panels. Color, finish, and translucency.  It is designed specifically for exterior projects with the added benefits of being constructed from polycarbonate, which is both environmentally responsible and high-performing. Ecolor incorporates ultraviolet stabilization technologies that are proven to maintain aesthetics and performance.


Aqualand is more than simple independent components
on an aquatic play area. It is a design concept that integrates the magic of the 4 elements: water, fire, earth, and air, all connected by the 5th element: the pleasure of free, unstructured play. But mostly...We see it in all of those smiles and laughs!

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Undisputed leader in water management and control.
* First to offer a random program with an infinity of play sequences.
* First to offer a user interface with touch screen for water play area management.
* First to offer two different entirely mechanical controller devices : Push-Button and Step'n Play™.
* First to offer Econosoft as a water-saving feature.
* First to offer solutions adapted to the manager's needs.
*First to offer 4 electronic operation modes: normal, permanent, continuous or inactive.

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